About Wellspring

About Wellspring

Our Story

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Brett Costigan, a native to Northern Colorado, began offering handyman services in 2015. In 2016, Brett's son-in-law, Joshua Funk, joined him and together they formed Wellspring Home Services. They accomplished several major remodels, bathrooms, and paint jobs before being joined by Zach Bush to help on a few jobs. After Josh moved to Kansas City, Brett invited Zach and (a few months later) Jordan Cox to go full-time and also receive daily discipleship in their walks with Jesus Christ, while teaching them how to build and remodel.

Formed out of the committed relationships between Brett, Zach, and Jordan, Wellspring Home Services transitioned into an established company and eventually into shared ownership in 2022.

Throughout the years, Wellspring has been dedicated to quality and transparency in remodeling, providing excellent customer service and superior work. Now a thriving company with its sights set on expansion, the Wellspring team still prioritizes personal connection with the homeowners they serve and our name conveys that we strive to be a spring of life to both the customers, sub-contractors, employees and their families at every interaction!

Wellspring exists out of a desire to serve Northern Colorado, provide for our families, and strategically help those in need, particualrly families within Cloverleaf Community mobile home park where Brett and Jordan have chosen to live.

Meet the Team

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Brett Costigan

Founder & CEO

Brett has been building his whole life -- starting with treehouses when he was a kid and, later on, remodeling his own houses. After serving as a pastor for many years, Brett started Wellspring as a means to train young people in building skills while also training them spiritually as disciples of Jesus Christ. For the past several years, Brett and his wife, Michelle, along with their daughter, Gracie, have been laying the foundation of a ministry oriented toward loving their neighbors while living in a Fort Collins mobile home park, Cloverleaf Community.

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Zach Bush

Construction Project Manager

Zach is a third-generation Colorado native who has grown up in Fort Collins. He has been in the trades most of his working career, either as a craftsman or manager. He oversees the construction projects and is training to be a licensed general contractor. Even with his skills in building, his true passion lies with relationship-building and discipleship in the workplace. He is happily married and they have a beautiful baby boy.

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Ben Houle


Ben is not only a skilled crasftman but also a devoted family man. With a deep love for his wife and two boys, family values are at the heart of everything he does. When he's not bringing dream homes to life, you can find Ben exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado with his loved ones, soaking in the beauty of the outdoors, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

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Jordan Cox

Business Manager

Jordan is a veteran of the Colorado Army National Guard, where he served in a military police unit for six years, and has been a part of Wellspring since 2019. Starting out as a craftsman, Jordan began taking on administrative responsibilities for Wellspring in 2022. He now performs business management tasks for Wellspring part-time -- although he is still deeply invested as a part-owner along with Brett and Zach -- and is working as a freelance software developer full-time. Recently married, Jordan and his wife, Katherine, live in Fort Collins and participate in the ministry the Costigan family founded.

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